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Motorcycle (Dirt Bike), ATV (Four Wheeler), and Side By Side (SXS) Rider Reviews

  Welcome to the reviews section of our site. Here you will find rider reviews of dirt bikes, quads, and side by sides. You'll also see user submitted questions and answers. Please help your fellow off-road enthusiast  by answering a question and/or leaving a review of your ride! Also, feel free to ask a question, just browse to your vehicle and post it. If your bike isn't listed yet then submit it using the form below. Thanks!  
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Motorcycle / Dirt Bike ATV / Four-Wheeler Side By Side (SXS)


Latest Reviews Model Year Overall Rating Date
beast brute force 300 2012 5 2012-12-18
fun time brute force 300 2012 5 2012-10-02
great fun TRX250EX 2007 5 2011-11-09
the best i have ever road Outlander Max 800 LTD 2008 5 2011-09-22
Outstanding 250 SX 2004 5 2011-09-09
650 Prairie Awsome ride Prairie 650 4x4 2003 5 2011-08-30
2002 Kawasaki KX125 kx125 2002 5 2011-07-23
fantastic quad Phoenix 200 2006 5 2011-06-27
fantastic quad Phoenix 200 2006 5 2011-06-27
2002 honda cr 250 CR250R 2002 5 2011-05-28
Honda 2002 cr 250 CR250R 2002 5 2011-05-28
leonard ray Ranger RZR 2008 5 2011-05-18
1996 kx 250 KX 250 1996 4 2011-02-13
good CR125R 1998 5 2011-02-04
CR 125 CR125R 1998 5 2011-01-13
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Recent Questions and Answers

 - Ask a question about a certain bike by browsing to the review page and following the link or help by providing an answer to someone else's question.
2006 Ranger, Question: What is the top speed On the 700? - Vince, , Arizona   - answer this question...

Answer: Can't say for sure, but I can tell you I've had mine up to about 60 before. Not sure I would want to go any faster. - jw, ,

2004 Eiger 400 4x4, Question: I have a 2005 suzuki eiger auto 4x4. I let it sit for about a year without running. When I started it it was hard to get started. I eventually had to get the carburator cleaned. After putting back on my bike it starte just fine and then quit running unless I held in the throttle. I replaced the fuel valve. Now it runs but when it gets warm it stalls and then is hard to start again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Josh, Springdale, Arkansas   - answer this question...
2002 RM 250, Question: what is the best jetting and pipe combination for this bike? with or without vforce3 reeds? - stacy lesher, shelocta, Pennsylvania   - answer this question...
2002 CR250R, Question: i have a 2002 cr 250r how much oil in the tranmission 650ml? - Tony longlade, midland,    - answer this question...

Answer: Check your owners manual for your fuel/oil ratio. At MMI (motorcycle mechanics institute} they teach 32:1 as a general good mixing ratio. I have owned 107 bikes and have never had a two stroke seize when running 32:1. - Gregory Pope, Tucson, Arizona

2006 QuadRacer R450, Question: What speed can the Suzuki QuadRacer 450R reach if it's stock? - Honoray Lewis Jr., Belle Rose, Louisiana   - answer this question...
2004 Eiger 400 4x4, Question: i have 2004 eiger automatic 4x4 it only has 354 miles on when i first start it it is hard to get it started i have to keep pushing the throttle in and out with the chock off and then it will start once it starts and warm up it will start easily? - charlie, , Tennessee   - answer this question...
2002 TTR 90, Question: What is the persons weight limit for a 90 cc bike. - mariln crawford, ,    - answer this question...

Answer: 100 lbs - Erik, Troy, New York

2008 Outlander 400 H.O. EFI, Question: I have a canam 400 xt 6 months old with 52 hrs on it. atv has no compression has seen no water or mud this is uncalled for why me? - james thorn, Pinson, Alabama   - answer this question...
2003 KX 250, Question: Hello. I am fairly new to riding. I know the basics such as shifting, controlling, etc. i am 5'7 125 lbs. would a KX 250 be to Strong for me? - Adrian Reyes, Pico Rivera, California   - answer this question...

Answer: I would say yes and no, depends on how you treat it and what kind of riding you do. If you're just going to be putting around then it would be fine, but what you have to watch out for is that power band. If your not careful and you hit it when you're not expecting it then you could get hurt. Hope this helps. - jw, , Alabama

Answer: would start with a 125..the 250's torque and power can catch you off guard pretty quick. - Larry, , Alabama

2006 Eiger 400 4x4, Question: Everytime my 06 Eiger 400 get wet the quad backfired a very loud, and stops running. Then I could start it but it would only run with the choke on and if I gave it throttle it would die again. If I let sit for a few hours the bike would then run fine. I brought it to a dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong with the bike because at that time it was running fine. but everytime i go to fairly deep water or deep snow it haqppens again. if anyone has and ideas i would love to hear them. thank you - kevin, , New York   - answer this question...

Answer: Just a guess, but could the air filter be getting damp when you hit deep water? That would cause the air to fuel mix to get off. Then when it dries out it would run fine again. - jw, ,

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Latest Vehicles Year Date
Polaris, Ranger RZR 2008 2010-06-14
KTM, 250 XC 2006 2010-06-14
Suzuki, Suzuki DR-Z 125L 2009 2010-06-14
KTM, 250 SX-F 2006 2010-06-14
Suzuki, RM-Z450 2006 2010-06-14
Suzuki, Suzuki DR Z 125L 2009 2010-06-14
Yamaha, Raptor 700R 2007 2010-06-14
KTM, 250 SX 2004 2010-06-14
Kawasaki, TERYX 2008 2009-10-01
Kawasaki, Prairie 650 4x4 2002 2009-06-30
Husqvarna, TE610 1999 2009-06-17
Kawasaki, KX 450F 2007 2009-04-02
Yamaha, Banshee 1987 2009-03-12
Honda, TRX250TE FourTrax Recon ES 2007 2009-02-21
Kawasaki, KX125 1999 2008-07-29
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ATV(four-wheeler) and motorcycle (dirt bike) riding is inherently dangerous. Proper research should be done before deciding to enter the sport, and afterwards before each ride. Riding classes or instruction is recommended for the beginner rider. Always read the owners manual after buying a new vehicle. All protective gear including but not limited to a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, chest protector, shin and elbow guards, ect. should be worn. Extreme riding such as stunt riding or riding and high speeds is considered very dangerous and is not tolerated on our property. Always be extremely careful when riding in an unknown area. All manufacture warnings should be followed, such as age limit, double-riding, stunt riding, road use, ect. Operating any off-road vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous to yourself and others and should never be done (this is prohibited at The Ridge Riding Park). When riding your ATV or dirtbike always stay on approved trails. Only ride in approved areas, and get permission before riding on private lands. Keep your riding area clean and respect the environment. Obey all laws regarding riding and the riding area.

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